Wuzhou Saintgreen Technology Co., Ltd. formerly known as Cangwu Shenglv Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., was incorporated by Liang Yonghong and his partners in 1993 as a company specializing in the production of copper sulfate products and now owns reliable production technologies after twenty years.


Boasting accessible waterway transportation, Saintgreen is located in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province, which is the junction point of “three circles and one belt” (the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, the Northern Gulf Economic Circle, the Great Southwest Economic Circle and the Xijiang Economic Belt). Committed to perfecting its quality control system, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2006. Owning a fully equipped test center, the company strictly controls the quality of raw materials to ensure production quality and environmental safety.

For years, the Saintgreen has been upholding the market-oriented business philosophy that prioritizes production and sustainable development to continuously offer high-quality products for the market. Our products mainly include copper sulfate products, cooper oxide, etc. Our products have been supplied to many industrially leading companies in both domestic and international regions. In addition to current specifications, we can also customize copper sulfate products for customers.


Saintgreen’s copper sulfate products have been widely applied in the electroplating industry as the main source of copper ions in the copper plating process. Domestic copper-electroplated products include but are not limited to various circuit boards, electroplated parts for automobile decoration, bathrooms, doors and windows, light-emitting diodes, solar panels, and other semiconductor materials. Many other applications are also possible for our customized copper sulfate products produced according to customer needs and our production capacity.

As a preeminent company, Saintgreen is always rooted in being a trustworthy entity. We won the title “Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy” Transparent Enterprise of Guangxi in 2010 and 2011, the Tax Contribution Award, and were rated as a Rank A Taxpayer.

In our next move, we are planning to relocate to the Wuzhou Circular Economy Industrial Park to further expand our production scale and create a better development prospect.

Facing the new opportunity window in the new era, Saintgreen will follow the development trend of “fully docking with the Great Bay Area, deeply immersing into the Pearl River Delta region, improving the west-pearl-river economic belt, and building an east gateway for Guangxi”, carry forward the corporate culture of “innovation, pragmatism, trustworthiness, responsibility”, and provide high-quality products that satisfy and reassure users.


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