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Wuzhou SaintGreen Technology Co,.Ltd. was founded in 1993 by Mr. Yonghong Liang and co-founders.
As a professional cupric salts manufacturer, we have been obtaining valuable experience in the production copper sulfate pentahydrate for around two decades.
As our company is located in Wuzhou, Guangxi’s nearest city to Guangdong province, it means that our products can easily access the major cupric salts
consumer markets in south China. They can now even reach the rest of the world.



Concerning environmental-friendly manufacture processes of our products, along with obeying relative state laws and provincial


regulations, we provide different

classes of copper sulfate products to satisfy the various requirements of our customers. The major classes are as following:


Electroplating Class,

Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Customized Copper Sulfate 

High-purity Class, Copper

Sulfate Pentahydrate

(as Cu-10)


Copper Sulfate Solution,

for Electroplating






“Integrity Unit ” 

from Guangxi

Consumers Association


Passed ISO 9001


Renamed as Wuzhou SaintGreen

Technology Co,.Ltd


For decades we have been focusing on our mission to continuously manufacture products which meet the needs of our customers
and additionally, to always develop as a business. This has opened up opportunities for cooperation with some of the largest

global companies, such as Dow and Atotech. Throughout the years, the satisfaction of our customers
has been and remains our underlying priority and motivation.


The series of copper sulfate products manufactured by Wuzhou SaintGreen Technology Co,.Ltd have been widely applied in the
electroplating industry as
copper sulfate is a major cupric-ions supplier during cupric plating processes. The cupric plating products,
include (but are not limited to) various types of
printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electroplated components for automobile
decorations, bathroom accessories, doors, windows, LEDs and solar panels etc.

Our customized copper sulfate products are tailored to meet the demands of the individual customer.*

*Depending on the exact requirements of the customer and our production capacity.